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Release 6.7 - Key Features

Most of this release involves some long-overdue infrastructure upgrades… about as exciting as when the city upgrades a water main. I.e., you're aware that there's lots of working happening underground, but there's no visible effect as the taps still pour and the toilets still flush, just like they did before the work crews came in and tore up your street!

However, the release does include a couple of goodies and some minor usability fixes.

Event Signup Notifications

Just like Facebook notification, you can now optionally get an email when a youth responds to an event signup. You can set who (if any) get the notification emails by editing an event and changing the Signup options.

Other email based features will be following in the next few releases.

Youth Birthdays and Notes

Youths' birthdays can now be recorded, and if they are, they can be (optionally) automatically added to leaders' calendars.

Leaders now also have a field to enter miscellaneous notes about a youth (dietary requirements, allergies, etc.)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Auto-navigate down/up past signup/payment tables when no options are set
  • Schedule auto-defaults to List (not Calendar) when on small device
  • Signup list was not visible on day of event as soon as you recorded some attendees
  • Reminder visibility couldn't be changed
  • Show hint to use “In Bulk Initialization” after adding a youth

Bug Fixes

  • Leader attendance picker shows “APL”
  • Hang when going to ready-to-test report, if inactive scouts have ready-to-test reqs
  • Drilling down on selected badges in History report could hang
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