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Release 11.5 - Key Features

Transitioning to the Canadian Path Program

Now that the Canadian Path is mostly rolled out, many Groups/Areas are completely switching over to the new Program, and consequently want/need the ability to suppress the old Program lest the youth/parents be confused by program elements that are no longer relevant.

You can do this two ways… first, if your entire section is on the Canadian Path, you can flip a switch under “Account” | “Advanced” to say that the you are only working on the Canadian Path. If you do this, then all old Program elements will be hidden from both youth and Scouters, and when you create events, the “Related Requirements” will be limited to Canadian Path badges and awards.

On the other hand, if some of your youth still want to finish up their stars, or old Chief Scout's award, etc., then you can leave the Pack/Troop as not solely working on the Canadian Path (see above) but mark the younger youth as only working on the Canadian Path. This then hides the old Program elements from those youth who are only working on the Canadian Path, while still leaving the old Program elements visible to the Scouters and to any youth who are still finishing up the old Program. When the last of your youth have switched over to the Canadian Path, then you can flip the entire section over to the Canadian Path (see above) so that even the Scouters no longer see the old Program Elements. To mark a youth as being on the Canadian Path, go to “Account” | “Scouts” and you'll find an “Only working on Canadian Path” toggle for each youth.

The “Account” | “Scouts” | “Update multiple Scouts” and you can quickly specify (in bulk) which youth are on the Canadian Path.

There is a “Transition to the Canadian Path” button in on the “Home” page, that guides you through these options.

Other Canadian Path Enhancements

The “Who's working on what” report now reflects the youths' CP progression

The youth participation snapshot in the sidebar now shows CP top section award progress, and number of OAS Stages, and don't show any old Program details (e.g., stars) if the youth is working only on the Canadian Path.

In the “Give Credit” Table, the OAS badges are now shown sorted by stage.

The youths' Personal Record Sheets (i.e., found under “Home” | “My Reports” or “Troop Reports” | “Record Sheets”) now include the Progression and Top Section Award information, and don't show any old Program details if the youth is working only on the Canadian Path.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: Two-deep communications is now an option
  • Put warning message if you try to Give Credit to no youth?

Bug Fixes

  • PayPal was rejecting attempts to purchase 3- and 6-month GROUP licenses
  • Sometimes the start/end time fields were visible for “all day” events

Patch (2017-07-22)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Allow formerly group-licensed sections to be renewed individually
  • Allow people to remove themselves from a Group/Area/Council license

Bug Fixes

  • Caught potential endless loop when dealing with legacy data
  • Cleaned up logic that determines when the paypal controls do/don't appear
  • GUIDES: tweaks to import from Spreadsheet
  • GUIDES: Bulk update “Save” was triggering an error
  • GUIDES: Saving girl's record was triggering an error

Patch (2016-07-28)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added version tag to js/css files to avoid having to tell people to do a CTRL+F5 after a patch

Bug Fixes

  • Potential exception when viewing embedded group calendars
  • ADMIN: potential NPE when unlicensing sections
  • BEAVERS: alternative UK badges were screwing up the count of OAS stages completed in the North Star Award
  • BEAVERS: alternative UK program was always hidden, even for sections that had enabled it
  • Editing top section awards wasn't showing current number of OAS stages
  • Fixed issues with import from Spreadsheet/MyScouts

Patch (2016-08-24)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Removed now-old mention that clause 5.10 of the terms of service had changed
  • GGC: Import now supports extended “Member Type” field values
  • ADMIN: added method to allow complete and utter scrubbing of youth
  • BEAVERS/CUBS: added “Activity Leader” as a Scouter role
  • BEAVERS/CUBS: import now detects activity leaders and gives them limited login permissions
  • Restrict MyScouts imports to only a single section
  • weaked wording of “Transition to Canadian Path” button
  • “Start a New Year” guide should include zeroing all balances?
  • Add hints about the fact that BrownTails/Runners/Pioneer/Trailhead are always complete
  • Progression levels now sorted by year-in-program (i.e., Brown/Blue/White) as opposed to alphabetically

Bug Fixes

  • CHROME: Uploading of large email template images was failing
  • Hint about finalizing event does not need to be shown for cancelled events
  • “Fetching Events” message was showing up after syncing an event, even if you weren't currently looking at the calendar
  • BEAVERS: Typo in custom styling
  • COMMISSIONERS: When viewing sections' events in the Group/Area calendar, some section events were showing up as visible only to scouters when in fact they had “everyone” visibiliy
  • Improved logging to detect database errors that leave emails in “draft” state
  • Sometimes clicking on Group/Area events on calendar wouldn't open event
  • Search wasn't finding matches in the CP badges, unless your section was fully-transition
  • Fixed layout issue with “Zero all Balances” dialog

Patch (2016-09-02)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Transferred/MovedUp Scouters were being linked to the old section's login, rather than their new login in their new account
  • Better logging of login errors (trying to track down a null return value)
  • Suppressed unwarranted debug statements
  • Added startup tip if you have any “Pending” scouters
  • Clear youth.other_roles when moving a youth up to the next section
  • Do delayed instantiation for no-paypal screenshot
  • Suppress appcaching messages for embedded calendars
  • Suppress FB library loading for embedded calendars
  • Suppress Google analytics loading for embedded calendars
  • Skip LoginSection, Council, Area and Volume loading for embedded calendars
  • COMMISSIONERS: added support for Key 3 roles (e.g., CED/ASM, CYC/AYC/GC)
  • COMMISSIONERS: optimized startup time for embedded council calendars
  • ADMIN: last activity date should exclude pushed events since this update was not a result of a user action

Bug Fixes

  • Tag of Council accounts that had previously been defined for an Area were still showing as “Area” accounts
  • Event descriptions appeared to disappear when editing attributes of subscribed events
  • Leaders that were previously identified as two-deep email contacts could be included in the list of CC recipients of emails after they were inactivated
  • If you add a collab section by entering it in the invitation field, the field should be cleared after clicking the “Join” button
  • vEvents weren't being regenerated if it was just a description change
  • Program cycle images weren't included in the manifest
  • COMMISSIONERS: you could get a “Your login is not yet approved” when viewing an embedded Area/Council calendar
  • ADMIN: export of EmailTemplates had a SQL error

Patch (2016-09-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Program cycle images weren't included in the manifest
  • Fixed Sailing2/3/4/5 badge completion logic
  • Login email addresses with apostrophes couldn't sign in, or be used as delegate email addresses
  • “In Bulk Initialization” wasn't working for OAS stages
  • Parents with no active youth could sign in (but couldn't see any youth records)
  • “Only working on Canadian Path” wasn't showing up in the list of conflicting merge fields

Embedded Calendar Enhancements

  • Suppress appcaching messages for embedded calendars
  • Suppress FB library loading for embedded calendars
  • Suppress Google analytics loading for embedded calendars
  • Skip fetching info for unneeded tables
  • Do delayed instantiation for no-paypal screenshot

Patch (2016-09-17)

  • Rebuilt an image without the DDoS-bloated log files
  • CP: change OAS “Levels” to “Stages”
  • iOS: no longer check for version in userAgent string

Patch (2016-10-05)


  • Removed post-merge options (now defaults to 'delete')
  • Use of “Pending” for Scouters who can't signing until you approval their logins is confusing, given MyScouts' different use of “Pending”. Text changed to “Needs Approval”
  • Give imported pending MyScouts youth records a status of “Active”
  • Removed the “always true” logic for first-level Progression badges
  • Increased AJAX timeout from 15 to 30 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Server error in migrating some youth with specific characteristics in attended events
  • “no-paypal” image not loading
  • BEAVERS: duplicate inventory items (tails)
  • CP: missing senior section awards
  • Login Pending test is done before leader active test, so attempting to sign in to a pending login for a leader that was inactivated results in a misleading message
  • List of other Logins should not include parent logins with no active youth

Patch (2016-10-07)


  • Show logins/youth who have opted-out of Troop emails
  • CP: Trail Skills OAS now has detailed requirements
  • CP: Trail Skills OAS tallies now are cumulative

Bug Fixes

  • Leaders with deleted logins couldn't be given new logins
  • Inactive leaders were being included in “Ask a Question” emails
  • Some parents couldn't sign in

Patch (2016-10-14)


  • Optimized connection time by eliminating/consolidating database queries
  • Add Troop Leader (aka Bosun) to roles

Bug Fixes

  • Some scouters couldn't sign in if there was a tech_email account specified
  • Personal Journey Cards had a math error
  • Disable FB posting from
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